Had the habitation check today. All went pretty well with only one thing noted as a failure. The burner for the water heater has disintegrated. Thus it wasn’t burning correctly and pouring out Carbon Monoxide. The flue is outside the van so there no problem there but the water heater is not usable on gas.

Problem is that the heater is a Carver Cascade 2. Carver are long gone and parts for the Cascade 2 are becoming thin on the ground. Luckily there are a few places with new burners for sale and second hand ones are available on ebay.

It isn’t really much of a problem. I don’t use the water heater at all. If I need to do the dishes, it is as easy to boil the kettle as to use the heater and cheaper as well. Plus the heater still works on mains so I’ve still got that option.