No idea what kind of flower this is but it is stunning

So far 2020 has not been that kind. The Coronavirus has caused more than 100 days of lockdown in various forms and even though we are starting to come out the other side, much time has been lost that could have been spent travelling or walking. 

However, in some ways having to adapt to the new situation has opened up new possibilities. And having to stay closer to home means a search for beauty, that would ordinarily come from Scotland’s wild landscapes, in other places. 

And right under my nose, there it was. In the gardens, woods and parks near my house. Along roads that I have commuted along often but not really seen. Nature in all its glory putting on a show for everyone to enjoy. 

Often these are curated gardens with a human purpose to the planting but also there are parks and even just the verges by the side of the roads. 

This has taught me two things. First that I should always carry a camera ( in this case it is either and iPhone 11pro or an a6000 with a 35mm lens ) and secondly that we should take time to truly see what is around us. 

So next time you are out, admire the show in front gardens and forests and take some time to smell the flowers.