Outside my house there is a tree. This being what is considered a mature development, that tree has stood there for decades.

In that time it has seen people make this place their home. Seen children born, raised and leave the nest. It has seen families come and go, couples grow old together and people pass on.

Generations of birds have made nests in the tree, cats have climbed it chasing the birds and dogs have chased the cats up into the canopy.

Every autumn, it sheds its leaves and every spring it grows new ones. And in the summer, those leaves provide shade for the children that play round its base. In winter it waits patiently for the warmer weather to return.

There is something to be learned from the tree as it stands there. It doesn’t seek fame or fortune nor continually worry about the past present and future. It acts only in accordance with its nature, doing the right thing at the right time without hurry. Perhaps we can learn to live like that as well.