Tell me about yourself?
I’m one of nature’s explorers. I’ve never lost my sense of wonder at the world around me and want to see the country I live in. There is so much history in this land as some of the most spectacular landscapes in which that history occurred. So it is time to see it.
What’s it all about?
I’ve started this blog to tell the stories of my travels in my campervan. It initially lived on Livejournal but I’m moving here since I got my own domain.
Why a campervan?
I did caravan holidays as a kid and like the sense of freedom to just pack up and go. A campervan has the advantage over a caravan in that there’s no towing involved and pitching up takes 10 minutes (a bit more if the awning is put up)
Which van?
My transport is an Auto-sleeper Harmony based on a SWB Peugeot boxer. About 16 years old there are a few more miles left in her. She’s not a classic campervan, rather more like a small motorhome. All mod-cons, toilet, heating and a shower/toilet.
Where are you going?
I don’t know, I’ll tell you when I get back.