Not much travelling was done this year as other events meant there was not much time.

First trip away was Callander at the beginning of April. This was one of the coldest easters I’ve known in a good few years and unfortunately little Harmony isn’t really up to cold weather touring. I was up for a friends wedding which was lovely but the holiday was cut short due to the freezing temperatures. Some of the caravanners were noting their water tanks were freezing in the night. The big problem is the windscreen. A large expanse of single glazed glass only covered by a thin curtain at night. I could get a thermal blind but I probably won’t go out in such temperatures again for a while.

April was also the first time I ran a Half Marathon, doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll one in Edinburgh. This was a nasty day with freezing rain and such high winds that the concert at the end was cancelled. But I managed it in a creditable 1h 50m 30s.

There was a early June good weather and this was an excuse to get out walking and for that I headed to Grey Mare’s Tail down near Moffat. A fantastic day, got a bit sunburnt, but the views were worth it. The waterfall in particular (the tail) is worth the visit alone.

July was the summer holiday. For this I headed north to Dunnet Bay, Kirkwall and Culloden Moor. Again, I really got the weather. It rained only for a few hours on one day, the rest of the time being bright sunshine. Orkney was in particular a highlight of the trip seeing Maes Howe and Skara Brae. Culloden Moor with its newly opened visitor centre was also a fantastic visit.

In October I ran my second Half Marathon of the year, the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow. This was a fantastic day with the best atmosphere possible. I managed that in 1h 48m 28s.

October also meant some expensive repairs to Harmony with the breaks needing done. This was a bit of fun and games as the garage I took it to ( a major chain ) had problems.

So that was 2013. What about 2014? Big goal is to run a marathon. Then really it is lots of weekends away. I can get a half day and head for the hills. I’m going to get a bit more serious about my photography so expect lots of photographs.