Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting the van ready for the 2019 touring season. I’ve got all the pot, pans and dishes out of storage to clean, I’ve put the camping clothes through the wash and today I picked up the van from it’s MOT and service. 

A couple of hours were spent cleaning the inside, putting the mattresses back in the roof bed and generally getting things ready. All that remains is to put a few items in and we’re ready to go. 

One thing different that I had to do this year was pick up a new gas cylinder. Californias use Camping Gaz 907 bottles which are not as common in the UK as the Calor ones are ( the reverse is true on the continent ). So seeing as the van needed a bit of a run after the service, it was down to the Go Outdoors in Berwick Upon Tweed. They had the necessary cylinder to swap over and I managed to pick up a boot tidy as well for not much money which has helped organize the space at the back under the bed. 

The van is ready, the weather is improving and now is the time to start planning some adventures.