It is year end now and time to look back on the adventures I’ve had over the past 12 months.

The year started somewhat expensivly with Harmony requiring £2000 of work to pass the MOT. But fingers crossed that it the major stuff until the timing belt and tyres need replacing in a couple of years time.

First trip was a day drip to Castle Campbell and King’s Seat Hill in April. That was the first time out on the hills in 2012 and proved a lovely walk with the Castle a fitting back drop.

Glencoe (Pt 1, Pt 2 & Pt 3) was the first proper weekend away in May. Although technically spring, it got quite cold at night and up at the top of the hills, it was easily falling to 0C. But the weather was great and the sceanary spectacular.

Killin and Ben Lawers were the weekend away in June. It rained the entire weekend and the wind prevented me from putting up the awning (the first of may failures to put it up). But even in the bad weather, a trip away was welcome. Work was a bit stressful and it was nice just to sit in the Van and read.

Summer holiday in July was Whitby & Durham. Despite a summer that was totally washed out by rain, I managed to miss the most apocalyptic stuff and actually got really good weather for Whitby. The ruined abby at Whitby and the Beamish Open Air Museum were real highlights of this trip.

Last trip of the year was Blair Atholl. More walking and photography here and a trip to the castle rounded off the trips of the year.

Looking ahead to 2013, plenty of places to go and see what’s what. Callander is first up for a friends wedding  (and a trip up Ben Ledi & Ben Venue). Summer, I’m hoping to make it to Orkney. I wanted to go there for a few years now. It is a long way but why not. Loads to see and I’m in no hurry to arrive :-).