Up early again on the 6th. Mainly due to forgetting to pull the blind across the skylight thus the sun at 5:30am was bright and filling the van.

After a quick breakfast, it was time to break camp. The awning came down pretty easily but was a little damp from dew so some time was spent drying it with a towel. It will need some airing.

I was pretty much ready to go about 8:30am but I don’t like leaving the site without saying goodbye to the wardens. So headed off at the back of 9am.

The road was pretty quiet with most of the traffic coming towards Glencoe, people heading for the hills.

The weather did turn nasty with rain, hail and snow. And there were the usual set of mental overtaking manoeuvres. At one point a car overtook a horse box on a blind left hand bend and I had to stand on the brakes to let him back onto his side of the road.

But nothing more that that (and the usual crawl through the M9 roadworks, the signs should say delays inevitable). Home by noon and van unloaded by half past.

A fantastic trip and I’ll be back to Glencoe when I can. I got the weather and the scenery.