2014 dawns with new possibilities for travel. I’m thinking of heading south this year for my summer holiday. York sounds like it could be a possibility though I’ve missed the opportunity to get into the Rowntree site that is very close in. It fills up every year very quickly. There is another site that is further out and about a 1.6mile walk from a park and ride so that looks like a plan. I always enjoy going to York, so much to see.

Walking is going to be a big part of the year. The Lake District is about 3 hours away and the Scottish hills are probably equally distant in time. I want to see and walk in the wild places. I’m also planning to get a bit more serious about my photography. I want to fill my walls with photos of the places I’ve been.

Arran is somewhere I’m keen to get to. Lots of walking and places to see there.

The travelling is going to start a bit late this year, probably in June due to other commitments. But there are going to be lots of long weekends away.

First up though is the annual service and MOT. Fingers crossed for that.