So, another year under Covid has passed and it seems we’re no further forward now that on the 31st of December last year. I really hoped that the arrival of vaccines would have made the difference and indeed during the summer it seemed like things were getting better. Even well into autumn, while the numbers in Scotland were higher than we’d have liked, they were not unsustainable. But then Omicron arrived and we’re right back to where we started. The only saving grace is that there seem to be fewer hospitalizations.

But to look back on the positives, I did get away camping three times during the year. The first trip was to Jedburgh. This was slightly disappointing as the main point of the trip was to see the abbey, but this was mostly shut due to the possibility of falling masonry. Also, as we were just coming out of lockdown, the other tourist attractions were shut. So, it was just a trip away to get some reading done.

Next up was a trip to one of my favorite places, Blair Athol. A lovely site and a good base for sightseeing round the area. The weather wasn’t great with several downpours, but I did get one day with sunshine and walked out to see the Falls of Bruar. Absolutely fabulous. I also got to the House of Bruar. I didn’t tarry as it was packed, and I was still concerned about being in enclosed spaces with lots of people.

Last trip was to Pitlochry. Again, something of a soggy weekend with the pitch getting flooded at a couple of points. But once more the weather cleared up briefly for a nice walk that took me to the site of the battle of Killiecrankie and soldier’s leap.

Check out the longer posts on the trips including the photos that were taken.

All that remains is to think of what 2022 will bring. The honest answer is I don’t know and right now I don’t believe that anyone can make any predictions with any kind of certainty. If there is one thing that Covid has taught it is that future is unknowable and that all we can do is live each moment in the moment, taking every opportunity to do the things we love because it could easily be that last opportunity.

Take care one and all and have a happy new year. We shall see what 2022 brings.