Last week, the windscreen washer pump stopped working. After checking the fuse, I guessed the pump itself would be at fault and a new one was ordered.

Picked it up yesterday from the garage so today’s fun was fitting it. In theory this was simple; pull the washer fluid resevoir out, replace the pump and put the reservoir back. Of course the first thing was to put the volt-meter on the connection to make sure that electrons were getting to the pump otherwise it would have been a more serious problem. But there were twelve and a bit volts on the pump so on with the replacement.

In practice, getting the reservoir out was challenging as the air filter box was in the way so a certain amount of twisting and turning of the reservoir was done (along with some swearing it has to be said) before it would come out. The pump was pretty corroded so the new one was fitted and after more twisting, turning and head scratching, the reservoir was back in and a quick check showed it sounded like it was running.

Last thing is to put some new washer fluid in. I picked up a 5l container of screen wash but the container was too large to get near the filler without spilling it all over the engine.

Job done (hopefully) and a satisfied feeling all round.