This weekend has been spent doing all the start of season tasks.

One of the main yearly tasks for a motorhome is the Habitation Check. This goes through the living area of the van and ensures that all the “life support” systems are working. The water system is checked to see that nothing was damaged over the winter and that the water heater is ok. The gas system is checked for leaks and the electrics are checked to see that they work correctly and that the leisure battery is in good condition and gets charged.

As with last year, I got Gem Caravan Care to do the checks. All went well and the only thing that is required is a new Smoke and CO detector as the current ones did not survive the winter.

Other than that the main tasks are cleaning. The carpet has been washed and vacuumed. The fridge, countertops, sink and cooker have been cleaned and the waste water system flushed through with tank freshener.

The main task remaining is to put puriclean through the main water system. I’m not so bothered about this as I usually only use the water system for flushing the loo.

But adventure awaits.