Been having a few problems with Harmony’s ignition recently. I’d turn the key and the lights on the dashboard would either come on very dim or not at all. Turning the key back and forth would sort the problem, with the lights coming on and the engine turning over (and catching) when the key is turned to start.

During the habitation check, some investigation was done. There were a couple of possibilities. The first was a relay was sticking somewhere. I’ve not been able too find a wiring diagram so I wasn’t sure about that. The second option was that the ignition switch was going. Some fiddling with the existing switch suggested that this was a good place to start.

So, in the spirit of self reliance, I ordered up the part from Arnold Clark. A swift purchase of some screwdrivers later, I got the cowling apart and replaced the switch.

And now everything seems to be all right. I’m not terribly mechanically minded, normally checking the oil level and the tyre pressure is what I do but it feels pretty good to have done even a small repair. There doesn’t seem to be a Haynes manual for the Boxer which is a pity but I’ll keep working on those little fixes.

Something I should order is a set of spare bulbs and fuses. And carry a small toolkit in the van.